261 – Husband & Wife Teams PART 1

May 10, 2023

If your podiatry business is currently up against a husband and wife team, this episode will help you understand why they may be kicking your arse. 

Suppose you’ve considered working with your partner but have been put off because of all the negativity surrounding husbands and wives successfully working together. In that case, this episode will help you see all the positives and why there’s magic in working together.

My wife and I worked successfully together for well over twenty years, and it was the best business decision we ever made, which is why I wanted to produce this episode because I knew our story was not unusual. There had to be others with the same success stories.

In part one, I am joined by Trevor and Karie Haynes from Elite Foot & Ankle Associates in Oregon, USA, Emily Smith and Trent Salkavich from Sports And Structural Podiatry, Sydney, Australia, and Dean and Jenny Walsh from Walsh Podiatry in Bermingham, UK.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The transition of working together.
  • There are often difficulties in the first few years.
  • The importance of clearly defining your managerial and clinical roles.
  • Working together when big business decisions need to be made.
  • Managing others and the importance of values when you bring new people into your team.
  • The new skills you learn working together.
  • How working together adds an extra dimension to your relationship.

Takeaway Tips

  1. Travelling to work in separate cars and having separate interests outside of podiatry gives you a little breathing space.
  2. There’s no better feeling than having someone in your business that you trust 100%.
  3. The positives of working together far outway any of the negatives.

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