263 – Work Smarter, Not Harder RELOADED with Jonathan Small

May 24, 2023

Since 2016, Jonathan Small has been running a very successful Work Smarter, Not Harder two-day podiatry business workshop in the UK and on this episode, we discuss his course in a little more detail and why we will be bringing it to Brisbane, Australia, on the 21st and 22nd of July 2023. 

This is the first time the Work Smarter, Not Harder workshop has left the shores of the UK, so it’s an event not to be missed. For further details, please visit https://www.tysonfranklin.com/events/WSNH2023.

DAY ONE Covers 4 Key Principles: 

  1. Increasing Your Income: The business needs to make profits so that you can invest back into your practice, your patients, your team, yourself, and your growth as a podiatrist.
  2. Improving Your Efficiency: Learning how to do more in less time will give you your life back. It’s not about spending more time at work. 
  3. Reducing Your Costs: What you make doesn’t matter; what’s more important is what you keep. 
  4. Planning for Your Future: It’s essential to enjoy your whole life, not just your working life. 

Applying these four fundamental principles will make you a happier podiatrist. 

DAY TWO digs deeper into the psychological principles for business success.

  • Having a positive mindset
  • Learning how to overcome your fears.
  • Understanding your beliefs around money.
  • Engaging your brain for success. 
  • The importance of marginal gains in various areas of your business.  

“Never think that all patients are the same; you want to attract those patients to your practice that make you happy, and you make them happy. Then your life will be happy”. 

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