272 – New Grads Loving Podiatry with Michael Carter & Cooper Garoni

Jun 22, 2023

This episode revolves around the positive experiences of two 2021 graduates, Michael Carter, who graduated from the University of South Australia and Cooper Garoni, who graduated from Charles Sturt University, working together at the Adelaide Heel Pain & SA Running Injury Clinic.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Reflecting on what they learnt in their first year.   
  • How a joint collaboration can create a win-win situation between employer and employee.
  • What they learnt at university and how it applied to a real-life work situation.
  • What great mentoring looks like.
  • All new graduates talk with each other about working conditions. So far, most of the conversations have been very positive.
  • Our profession needs to market itself more aggressively.
  • The disparity between podiatrists, especially the more senior podiatrists.
  • What have they noticed about the current state of the profession?
  • Advice for current podiatry students.

To grow the podiatry profession, it’s up to each and every podiatrist to hold themselves up to a higher standard.  

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