274 – Dave James Helping You Get Your Shit Together PART 1

Jun 29, 2023

Dave James is a UK Podiatrist who has pivoted his career from clinical podiatry to helping humans FEEL, THINK and BE better. 

And because of Dave’s experience in podiatry, he is the perfect guest to talk about ways to help podiatrists get their shit together.

In this episode (PART 1), we discuss:

  • Online trolls and social media negativity.
  • The difference between being interested in people versus processes.
  • The benefits of slowing down the pace of the world to suit your daily life.
  • Having a purpose outside of podiatry.
  • Your qualifications only matter to other podiatrists; patients don’t care.
  • Why money will not make you happy and will not give you the freedom you’re chasing.


Many people stack activities on top of each other to try and get more down in a day; however, if they focus 100% on one task at a time, they may get a better result and enjoy the process more.


Most podiatrists enjoy podiatry; it’s all the other things involved in running a business that causes the problems.

There’s also a certain amount of stress created when you must always stay professional, in and outside of your podiatry business. Over time, it buries your personality.

We don’t always say what we’re thinking and feeling, and long term, that can affect you mentally and physically.

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Dave also recommends the book – STOLEN FOCUS by Johann Hari, available on AMAZON.

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