281 – Andrea Gledhill UK Podiatric Surgeon

Jul 20, 2023

Andrea Gledhill is a UK Podiatric Surgeon, and at the age of 18, she knew that becoming a Podiatric surgeon was always going to be her career path.

In this episode, we discuss her career development from graduation, having two children, commencing her MSc in Theory of Podiatric Surgery in 2011, her surgical fellowship in 2019 and beginning her Specialist Registrar post in 2021. 

We also discuss her role as the Project Officer for The Royal College of Podiatry and why she continues to build her research and leadership portfolio. 

Tip for New Graduates

Explore, network, look for what you enjoy in podiatry, seek out opportunities, and consider a mixed working model that gives you work-life balance. 

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