288 – Building A Profitable MSK Business with Ted Jedynak

Aug 18, 2023

Ted Jedynak wants to inspire podiatrists to maximise their MSK skills and services.

He has mentored and trained health practitioners globally in Manual Therapies since 1996 and business-mentored clinic owners who want to increase their MSK services. In his retirement, Ted continues to be a trainer and mentor but, due to high demand, focuses on delivering excellent online training in Manual Therapies and Professional Development.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • – Increasing MSK Services and learning how to implement the business side of things.
  • – Why you need to have logistics to grow your MSK business.
  • – Planning your next move as your business grows.
  • – Having an extra set of eyes that can see things you cannot see; that’s the benefit of having a business mentor.
  • – Why every podiatry business owner should set a goal to buy their building.
  • – Communication skills are needed to understand what your patients want to achieve with their podiatry treatment.  


When you’re given advice, if you ever catch yourself saying yeah, but…my patients are different, or you don’t understand, my clinic is in a lower socioeconomic area; you need to stop. It’s just a belief you have in your head, and it doesn’t mean it’s true. 

Price Is Your Choice

Generally, you get what you pay for, and the price usually equals quality. This is not always true, but it is a common belief. A $200,000 car will always be perceived as better than a $20,000 car. 

“Someone will always be the most expensive, and someone will always be the cheapest; it’s your choice which one you want to be” – Ted. 

What patients can and cannot afford is non of your business. You are responsible for offering the patient the best treatment possible and letting them decide if they can afford it. Don’t use their socioeconomic situation as an excuse to decide for them. 

“Biggest demons are in your own head” – Henry Ford

Pride In What You Do

A health practitioner’s business often reflects them as a person. When you see a tired-looking clinic, the owner will also look tired. In contrast, the owner of an upbeat, energetic and professional-looking podiatry business will be positive, enthusiastic and professional. They are also very proud business owners. 

Ultimately, you’ve got to provide a quality service and give the patient an experience worth sharing. 

And yes, there are price shoppers out there, who may tell you you’re too expensive, but is that who you’re trying to appeal to? If not, keep building the business the way you want to see it in the future.  

Ted’s Upcoming MSK Business Building Bootcamp (Sep 4 – Nov 9) – 8 Weeks

Key Elements Covered:

  1. The MSK services you LOVE doing (and are more profitable) – Identify & commit
  2. Proactive Practice Method™ (Structured Evidence-Based Treatment Plans)
  3. Compassionate Inquiry™ (Communication techniques to educate & enrol patients)
  4. Mavulous Messaging (Marvellous+Fabulous marketing messages to have patients say YES)!

To learn more, follow this link: 


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