294 – Saving Limbs & Lives in India

Sep 28, 2023

In this episode, I  reconnect with Dr. Sanjay Sharma, a pioneering podiatrist revolutionising podiatry and foot care in India. Since appearing on the show three years ago, in 2020, Episode 103, Dr Sharma has established Foot Secure, a network of clinics providing complete podiatry services across Bangalore.

Sanjay and his team treat up to 200 patients at their five locations daily, focusing on diabetes-related foot complications. Through early detection and intervention, Foot Secure has reduced below-knee and bony amputation rates to just 2.7%, a dramatic decrease from India’s average of 19% across all hospitals. 

If you want to contact Dr Sanjay Sharma, you can email him at sanjay@footsecure.com, or you can visit his website at www.footsecure.com

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