297 – The Benefit of Early Career Wins

Oct 19, 2023

Cameron Bennet is the owner of My Family Podiatry, a private practice on the north side of Brisbane, and he is passionate about providing the highest level of patient care and elevating the standard of the treatment supplied by podiatrists.

He initially worked in Tasmania and Brisbane for a big corporate company, which was great because he always knew he wanted to have his own business and thought this was the best way to gain experience as a podiatrist and seeing how a podiatry business was managed before heading out on his own. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why new graduates underestimate their abilities early on in their careers. 
  • Starting small and limiting your overheads when you first start your business.  
  • Getting out there and educating referrers and the general public. 
  • Employment mistakes. It’s essential to get the right person that fits your team. 
  • Having enough confidence to have a crack and not give up too early when treating patients. 
  • Imposter syndrome and how it impacts our perception of ourselves in the healthcare arena. Our scope of practice far exceeds other allied health professionals. 
  • The dirty ‘S’ word – Sales. 
  • The importance of sales and sales scripts in healthcare. Sales scripts help to overcome feelings of doubt. 
  • Some podiatrists don’t like the word sales, but if you’re rebooking patients, you’re selling.
  • Building confidence through small wins.  
  • Delivering confident treatment plans and transferring that to your patients with planned treatment pathways. 

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