303 – Storybrand Websites with Tom Foster

Nov 30, 2023

Tom Foster from Foster Web Marketing joins me on this podcast to discuss the thinking behind Storybrand Websites and why podiatrists should embrace this way of marketing their practices. It’s about making the patient the hero, not the podiatrist. 

Podiatrists often complain on social media about The Good Feet Store or other companies because of their orthotic marketing.

However, if every podiatrist embraced marketing through their websites, there would be no issue; podiatry would dominate the market. Patients would consider podiatry before heading to other companies and professions for foot problems. 

“Your website is your best marketing vehicle for making money, and if you do it right, it will bring you tons of new patients”. 

Tom shares some slides during this podcast, which you will find on my YouTube channel – TYSON E FRANKLIN

The process is quite simple:

  1. Attract patients with excellent website content and SEO. 
  2. Once they’re on your website, convert them to an appointment or give them further information in exchange for their email address. 
  3. When you have their email address, you should market to them. 

We also discuss:

  • Using Google and YouTube searches for topics. 
  • Refining your perfect patient and creating content for them, and only them. Make your content specific. 
  • Making your patient the hero of the story. 
  • Building a Storybrand. 
  • Creating a “Foot Freedom Plan”. 
  • Write about what the patient wants, not what you do.
  • Giving patients a simple plan to follow. 
  • Your homepage is a brand page; therefore, it needs less text. Your internal pages, however, need more text and need to be optimised. 
  • The power of stories: Use examples of patients with similar problems and how they overcame the problem and were able to do what they wanted to do, pain-free, by following the foot freedom plan you developed. 

If you have any questions about this episode, you can contact Tom Foster at tom@fosterwebmarketing.com to you can email me at tyson@podiatrylegends.com


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