35 Years of Experience

Hi, my name is Tyson E. Franklin, and I host the Podiatry Legends Podcast.

I am also a professional speaker, run group coaching programs for podiatry business owners and am the author of It’s No Secret…There’s Money in Podiatry & It’s No Secret…There’s Money in Small Business.

With over 35 years of experience in the podiatry industry and after owning multiple podiatry businesses, I am now dedicating my career to helping other podiatrists grow successful, lifestyle-driven businesses.

Through my work, I have helped countless podiatrists reach their goals, from increasing revenue to achieving work-life balance and everything in between.

“I was a frustrated business owner for five years until I started working with Tyson. He helped me transform my business in a matter of months, resulting in an instant increase in revenue and the ability to attract and retain top-quality podiatrists. Over the past three and a half years, working with Tyson has changed my life drastically. I was able to take time off to start a family, triple my business revenue, and finally achieve work-life balance. I highly recommend Tyson to anyone who is looking for a business coach.”

 – Jessica Haydock (Sole Focus Podiatry, Toowoomba)

Why I started the Podiatry Legends Podcast

In 2015, I became an avid podcast listener and couldn’t believe how much I was learning about life and business from every episode. 

I was learning so much from listening to podcasts across various industries; it got me thinking about how much podiatrists would benefit and how much knowledge they would gain by listening to other podiatrists talk openly about their careers and advancements. That’s when the idea for the Podiatry Legends Podcast was born.

A positive platform where podiatrists worldwide can come together to share their experiences, insights, and knowledge.

It’s an exciting opportunity to learn from the best in the podiatry industry, hear their stories, and gain valuable insights that can help us all grow as professionals. I can’t wait to see where this podcast takes us next!

To learn more about me and what I do when I’m not podcasting, check out my website tysonfranklin.com.

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