Promote Your Online Course

Do you have an online course you would like to promote to podiatrists in your country and abroad?

If you do, adding your course details to the Online Courses page on the Podiatry Legends Podcast website could be the global exposure you’re looking for.

Thousands of podiatrists worldwide are looking for continuing education to enhance their careers who may not know your course even exists; however, the power of podcasting will change that.

Are you currently spending a lot of time and money promoting your online course and not getting the return you’re after? 

The Podiatry Legends Podcast has a global audience, and with over 80,000 downloads per year, your online course will get the exposure it needs to grow and thrive.



 How the Podiatry Legends Podcast Will Give Your Online Course the Exposure it Deserves

I have used my podcast to promote my courses of the past four years, which is how I know the podcast is a valuable promotional tool. 

WEEKLY PLUGS: Every week our audience will be prompted to visit the Podiatry Legends Podcast website and to take a look at the current online courses available. 

  • YOUTUBE: Each podcast episode is also upload to my YouTube channel – Tyson E Franklin.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Details of your course will be posted, twice per month, on both my Facebook pages (Podiatry Legends and the Podiatry Business Owners Club. 
  • NEWSLETTER: The Online Courses Page will be included to my weekly newsletter, which is currently sent to over 1850+

We aim to make the Podiatry Legends website the go-to resource for global podiatry education.

Podcast Episode Introduction Example: 

“Hi, I’m Tyson Franklin and welcome to this week’s episode of the Podiatry Legends Podcast, the podcast designed to make you FEEL, SEE and THINK differently about the podiatry profession. Before I introduce today’s guest, I want to remind everyone to check out the Podiatry Legends Podcast website at, and while you’re there, look at the Online Courses Page. This is where you will find a list of online courses, both locally and abroad, that will advance your podiatry knowledge and career”.

Want to know more?

If you would like to promote your online course or event globally, please complete the form below with your contact details, email address and website details, and I will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the next steps.