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What people have said about the

Podiatry Legends Podcast

Mike Luker from Australia

What a legend!

Learn Something from every episode! Great to hear all stories from every corner of the podiatry world!

Dave Frees from USA

A Must for Podiatrists & Professionals

Tyson Franklin knows how to run a practice but also how to do a revealing and powerful interview. This show is funny, fascinating, and a great listen. Get it. You can thank me later. ;). Enjoy.

Josh Taylor from Australia

4th Year Podiatry Student, QUT

The Podiatry Legends podcast is a treasure trove of resources that provides value to employers, employees, students, and those considering entry into the field. As a final-year podiatry student, the podcast leaves me feeling part of a wider global community. I’m proud to be entering this profession and know more about the scope available to me, thanks to the podcast. I love the entrepreneurial spirit that underlines the show. Tyson and his guests always place the patient experience and outcomes at the head of driving practitioner success. They have made me excited about what the future of podiatry looks like.

Dr Jesse Green from Australia

Full of pearls of wisdom

Podiatry Legends is a great podcast. It’s full of inspiring stories and business wisdom to help podiatrists think and feel differently about their practice. But, the show is not just for podiatrists because the lessons that Tyson and his guests share apply to any business, large or small.

Great show!

Bouvier Gal from Canada

Tyson’s podcast led to my job in Canada.

A few years back a fellow Podiatry graduate encouraged me to listen to a particular post with Tyson interviewing Karey Fleming, a Pedorthist and owner of Healthwalks in Nova Scotia. After graduating from QUT in Brisbane,
I contacted Karey and now I have a Podiatry job in her clinics. Secondly , I have been introduced to Tyson’s podcasts which are varied, entertaining and informative. Merci beaucoup to Tyson and keep searching and interviewing Podiatrists.🇨🇦💐

FTSPod from Australia

A “must listen” for all podiatrists

This podcast does exactly what it says it does… changes the way you “see, feel and think about the podiatry profession”. Highly recommend to all podiatrists, especially any students or new grads looking for a bit of inspiration or direction in their careers.

The CoupeCruiser from Germany

Great, entertaining and educational.

Since I’ve been listening to these episodes, I have laughed and learned.The unlimited value that comes from Tyson E Franklin is priceless.

Thank you.

Lisa Cullina from Ireland

Podiatry legends

The best podcast I’ve listened to. I started listening when I was a student and have set up my own business based on the advise covered in the show. After 1 year I’m already in profit and loving my job. Every guest on the show has something I can apply to my learning and business. I have gotten in contact with a few of the guests after listening to their shows and they have all been very helpful and so friendly, best mentors ever. Highly recommend.

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